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If you’re departing in the next 48 hours and need to contact us urgently for assistance, use the email or phone number below, The online chat is available on WhatsApp and mobile, so you will still be able to contact us even if you’re on the move. 

Our Customer Support opening hours are 9 am – 6 pm EU time, 7 days a week. During these hours, our agents answer questions customers have sent through our online contact form and manage amendment and cancellation requests. When they pick up your query, they will contact you via email or telephone to help you with your booking.

Contact our customer service  to find useful information on traveling by ferry, and  for help with your booking.

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What to do if you're departing in the next 48-hours

Online chat is only available 48-hours before your departure, so please fill in our online contact form if you need to contact us for anything before then. Our agents will then contact you via email or telephone to help you with your query. We do not operate inbound telephone calls. However, if required, we will call you once we have received your enquiry. This simple process allows us to deal with customers’ questions better and faster.